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Research Cell

Research Directorate Introduction

 Mission Statement

 To cater to the research, analytical, policy appraisal and information-oriented demands and needs emanating from, and of relevance to the House proceedings, Plenary sittings, committees, as well as Hon’ble Senators, on both demand and supply-driven basis, in a timely, precise, accurate/updated, and non-partisan way.


To enhance and optimize Senate Research Services’ performance and range of services in terms of product quality, authenticity and credibility to match internationally set standards, thereby making it distinguishable among world parliamentary research services through the hallmark of excellence.

Services & Products Range

The Research Directorate undertakes policy analysis, compiles background information of historical, topical and factual relevance, collects statistical data, and prepares/disseminate research briefs, comparative studies, concept notes and fact sheets on wide-ranging subjects and topics.

A significant proportion of the services on offer pertains to preparation of information dossiers, position papers, country papers, speeches, statements, interventions and talking points, as well as resolutions for Senate delegations representing Pakistan at international and domestic fora, international conferences, seminars and during bilateral engagements and public hearings.

 In addition, Research Directorate prepares Speeches, statements and talking points for the Honourable parliamentarians, especially Honourable Chairman and Deputy Chairman, Leader of the House, and Leader of the Opposition. Such speeches and statements are prepared for various important occasions including national and international events.

The Research Directorate has also established Parliamentary Research Data Bank containing statistics on economic, social, budgetary, water, agriculture and energy indicators. It also contains data provided through answers to questions raised in the House, and working papers provided to Standing Committees.

Other new products introduced by the Research Directorate include Legislative Briefs, Summary of the Reports, Committee Research Briefs, Budget Input, Economic Info-leaf, Parliamentary Relations Insider of IPU, CPA and IPU, Cooperation with UN and assistance in preparation of Questions and Supplementary Questions.

Research Directorate also has very strong linkages with other branches of Senate as well as with the Senate Forum for Policy Research (SFPR). Research Directorate supports the members of SFPR in all content work and new ideas that generate from the forum.

The Team 

We are a team of 12 comprising:

1.     Director: Iffat Mustafa

2.     Deputy Director: Zeeshan Qamar Sheikh   

3.     Deputy Director: Akhunzada Attaullah Khan Malik

4.     Deputy Director: Bushra Rafique                

5.     Assistant Director: Muhammad Salman

6.     Assistant Director: Sabiha Shakir               

7.     Assistant Director: Wijdan Khaliq

8.     Assistant Director: M. Bilal Bokhari                      

9.  Assistant Director: Javed Rasool

10.  Assistant Director: Ayaz Ahmed Soomro

11.  Assistant Director: Farooq Ahmed Shah

12.  Assistant Director: Summaiya Khalid

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