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Event Title: Senate in its fifth sitting of 276th session on Friday

Event Date: 2018-04-13

Following the recommendation of the Committee of the Whole on the Bill to extend the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Peshawar High Court to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, ‘The Supreme Court and High Court (Extension of Jurisdiction to Federally Administered Tribal Areas) Bill, 2018 was passed by the Senate.

Senate in its fifth sitting of 276th session on Friday suspended proceedings of Question Hour to carry out other legislative business. The sitting was held with Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani in the chair.

Adjournment motion by Senator Mian Muhammad Ateeq Sheikhon supply of infected water from Rawal Dam to the residents of Islamabad was declared inadmissible by the chair and the mover was requested to bring a calling attention notice on the subject. Another adjournment motion by Senators Sherry Rehman, Dr. Sikandar Mandhro, Syed Ali Shah Jamot, Gianchand, Rukhsana Zuberi, Anwar Lal Deen and Inamuddin Shouqeen on the subject of reports that Pakistan will run out of forests within next fifty years if deforestation continues was admitted for discussion for which time will be specified later.

On a calling attention notice regarding a cabinet division’s letter titled Transfer back of institutions/functions by Senators Sassui Palijo and Mian Raza Rabbani, the mover said that 18th Constitutional Amendment was a unanimous amendment whereby certain powers were devolved to the provinces and rolling it back and interfering with provincial subjects would have negative consequences. Minister In-Charge Sheikh Aftab responded that the letter is not intended to take any provincial powers back to the centre. It was instead written to do what was required on the subjects at the federal level.

Minister of State for Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs Rana Muhammad Afzal moved to lay a copy of the money bill titled, Protection of Economic Reforms (Amendment) Bill, 2018. The members of Senate were asked to make recommendations to the money bill.

Senator Syed Muzafar Hussain Shah drew attention of Minister for Water Resources towards acute shortage of water in Sindh due to non-implementation of Water Accord of 1991 due to which Khareef crops have not yet been cultivated. Chairman Senate directed for formation of a special committee that will probe the matter and report to the House.

The House also held a discussion today on an adjournment motion by the Leader of the Opposition regarding decision of the Civil Aviation Authority to operationalize new Islamabad International Airport with effect from 20th April, 2018 despite the fact that the project is under investigation of NAB for alleged corruption of billions of rupees.

The 276th session of Senate has now been prorogued.