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Event Title: Senator Mian Raza Rabbani, has issued press statement

Event Date: 2018-04-17

The creation of Provinces is a historical process, therefore, Provinces cannot be carved out on the basis of administrative convenience. This will further aggravate the national, ethnic, linguistic, and natural resources’ question. A Province, its people, and land have a history, language and culture. They have roots in the land associated with them. They are owners of the land and the natural resources, over and below its waters and land, which they share through a constitutional agreement with the Federation. Such a decision shall be negation of history, having consequences that will sharpen the internal contradictions and bring them into focus with the possibility of impacting on the demography of the Federation. There is a need to initiate a political thought process on this issue and a national dialogue needs to be initiated the impact and consequences of consequential Constitutional amendments on the Provinces and the Federation needs to be considered.
The question will not be resolved by amendment in Article 1, Constitution, 1973, the consequential constitutional amendments will have far reaching effects on the existing Provinces as well as the Federal – Provincial relationship, therefore, Parliament and particularly the Senate needs to initiate a grand national dialogue.