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Event Title: Senator Mian Raza Rabbani has issued press statement;

Event Date: 2018-04-18

I urge upon all political parties and in particular the Leader of the House and Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly to arrive at a consensus candidate for the Caretaker Prime Minister and avoid sending a set of names to the Election Commission of Pakistan in terms of Article 224(A) of the Constitution, 1973. The appointment of the Caretaker Prime Minister is a political question and Parliament and all political parties should walk the extra mile to achieve this consensus.

                  The functions of a Caretaker Prime Minister and his Government are merely to run the affairs of the state on a day to day basis.   The Caretaker Prime Minister cannot take any far reaching policy or financial decisions that will bind future governments. This practice which was followed in the past has proven to be disastrous. The Senate should ensure that the Caretaker is restricted to the role that is envisaged under the Constitution.