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Event Title: Acting President donates Rs.1.5 million For Dams, Calls For Water Emergency In The Country

Event Date: 2018-07-09

Acting President Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, while donating Rs.1.5 million from his personal account, has said that the Chief Justice of Pakistan has taken a step in the right direction by establishing a separate fund for Bhasha-Diamir and Mohmand Dams. He said that the initiative taken by the Chief Justice would go a long way in sustaining the economy and also rid the country of the quagmire of water shortage thus saving the future of our generations from becoming totally bleak. The Acting President termed it a right step necessary for the security of the state.

Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani further stated that a comprehensive and viable policy to check the water shortage issue has become urgent and there is need to take concrete steps to address the same at the as early as possible. He called for imposing Water Emergency in the country and making joint efforts to address the issue. He said that Chief Justice of Pakistan has laid the foundation by setting up separate funds for the two dams. He underscored the need for making concerted efforts, while calling upon the philanthropists, well off community and Pakistani expatriates to take active part in helping the government to construct the dams.

He said that water scarcity has become a major challenge and it is threatening our economies and agriculture besides our domestic lives which requires a shift in policy priorities towards most urgent issues. He also stressed the need for creating awareness among mass besides taking other policy initiatives to address the issue of water shortage and to devise a mechanism keeping in view depleting water resources.

Promotion of the local mine industry would not only help contribute to boost the economic development in the country but also pave the way for creating job opportunities to the locals in the provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan.

This was deliberated during a meeting of a delegation of mines owners from the Sindh and Baluchistan with Acting President Muhammad Sadiq Sanjran here at President House on Monday.

Senators Shibli Faraz, Moula Bakhash Chandio, Member NEPRA Rehmatullah Baloch and senior officer of FBR Habibullah participated in meeting.

The delegation of the mines owners comprised of Chairman Sindh Coal Mines Mir Abdul Samad Risani, Haji Shakil Ahmad Khan, owner Universal Coal Mines Sindh, Fateh Shah Arif and Murtaza Khan Jogezai from Balochstan Coal Mines.  The issues of local coal mine industry were discussed in detail.

Opportunities for promotion of Coal field industry while utilization of local coal in industrial zone were discussed during the meeting.

The mines owners were of the view that local mines industry is utilizing huge quantity of imported coal whereas quality local coal is available for this purpose. The coal industry should be bound to use at least 20 t0 25% local coal as it is necessary to utilize the best quality of local coal in Pak industry instead of fully dependency on abroad coal. The reduction of the taxes on local mines would encourage the industry and help promote economy.  It would be more appropriate to install coal washing plants for reduction of coal Sulpher in those areas of coal industries where potential of coal exists  with assurance of more job provision in coal mines sector and utilizaition of local mines in industrial industry.

The meeting decided to constitute a coordination committee with presence of Sindh Balochistan mines owners in it.