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Event Title: The Senate Committee on Interior meeting held to review security measures for Elections 2018, DG FIA briefs about the Committee of the Cybercrime situation in the Country

Event Date: 2018-07-20

The meeting of the Senate Standing Committee for Interior was held on Friday to discuss security arrangements for upcoming elections, the cyber crime situation in the country in the context of elections and deaths of three girls in Fort Abbas.

Chaired by Chairman Committee, Senator A. Rehman Malik; the meeting was attended by Senator Javed Abbasi, Senator Mian Muhammad Ateeq Shaikh, Senator Kulsoom Parveen, Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmed and senior officers from Ministry of Interior (MOI), PTA and Punjab Police, and Forensic expert Bhawalnagar.

Chairman Committee, Senator A. Rehman Malik began the meeting by reiterating his commitment to bring the culprits to task who were involved in the death of the three minor girls who strayed into the desert in Bhawalnagar.  While talking to Dr. Azka Haleem, Woman Medical Officer at Basic Health Unite, Fort Abbas, Bhawalnagar who had conducted the primary medical investigations on the three girls, it was revealed that the children had been sexually assaulted and against contrary belief did not die of starvation or a sandstorm in the desert. 

Chairman Committee, Senator Malik, issued special instructions for protection of the doctor and her family. He said that he would recommend the doctor for the Pride of Performance Award, since she proved that duty towards Pakistan was above all. 

The Punjab Police team from Bhawalnagar, was instructed to return on Monday with details of the initial report that would be placed before a sub-committee under Senator Rana Maqbool.  Chairman Committee, Senator Malik ordered a probe into the sources that were used to pay the victims family PKR 25 Lakhs. He asserted that it was a shame that the police had been trying to subdue the matter. 

Discussing the damage that is being done to electioneering candidates via Social Media, Senator Muhammad Ateeq Shaikh was of the view that it was imperative that stringent measures be taken in the few days before elections so that elements that seek to damage candidate credibility could be taken to task.

Seconding the opinion of Senator Shaikh, Chairman Committee Senator Malik asserted that the Government of Pakistan must hold talks with international Social Media forces so that measures can be taken against the culprits.  He stressed the need for the FIA and PTA to get together and devise a strategy for the immediate redressal of complaints. He also asserted , that to deal with cybercrime issues effectively it was crucial that the capacity of the Cybercrime Cell be enhanced.