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Event Title: Meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat held to discuss matters of deputation and promotions

Event Date: 2018-08-07

The Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat was held on Tuesday under the Chairmanship of Senator Talha Mahmood. Attended by Senator Muhammad Javed Abbasi, Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan, Senator Rubina Khalid, Senator Sitara Ayaz, Senator Najma Hameed and senior officers of the Establishment Division, the Committee pondered over issues pertaining to deputation, promotions and appointments of civil servants in Pakistan.

Joint Secretary Establishment Division Musaddiq A. Khan briefed the Committee about officers working in Federal Government agencies on deputation.  A working paper on the subject was submitted that provided province wise details of officers that were sent to Islamabad on deputation.

Chairman Committee, Senator Talha Mahmood took strict notice of domicile details not being made available on the list.  Joint Secretary Establishment Division, Musadiq A. Khan clarified that deputation was basically an agreement between two governments. Since there is no quota for this, details such as these remained with the parent agency of recruitment.

Senator Muhammad Javed Abbasi, showed concern regarding number of officers over-staying their period of deputation, which is initially 3 years. Joint Secretary Establishment Division, Musaddiq A. Khan was of the view that in order to determine reasons for an extension it was imperative that each case be studied minutely.

Elaborating upon reasons for demanding a complete list of officers on deputation, Senator Abbasi said that the Committee wished to procure details of the number of officers violating the law.

Chairman Committee, Senator Mahmood showed concern about the fact that most officers had no expertise of the position on which they were deputed.  He asserted that all such cases must be sent back to the parent organization. He stressed that the Establishment Division must review the matter and chalkout laws to amend this.  He was also concerned about adverse effects on promotions of officers working under individuals sent on deputation.

Chairman Committee, Senator Mahmood asserted that only those officers, who are required by the organization must be sent on deputation.  He directed the Establishment Division to provide a one-page summary on every case at least four days ahead of the next meeting. He also instructed that a letter of apology must be sent by the Establishment Division to the Committee apologising that details that the Committee required were not provided in the working paper.

While discussing distribution of promotional quota between all occupational groups from BPS 21-22 provided in Rule 6 of the Civil Service of Pakistan, (Composition and Cadre) Rules, 1954 as added vide SRO No. 88. the Establishment Division shared details of the apportioned posts of the Federal Secretariat among various occupational groups.  According to the working paper there were a total of 41 Additional Secretary level posts and 39 of Federal Secretary level.

While discussing the public petition regarding issuance of confirmation order to  government servants after successful completion of probation period, the Chairman Committee Senator Mahmood took strict notice of the absence of the petitioner. He stated that in future if the petitioner was not present the petition would be dismissed.

Senator Abbasi was of the view that moving a petition without the supplicant was not possible since according to law it was imperative that he be present to defend his petition.