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Event Title: Former Chairman Senate Farooq H. Naek while addressing the 139 General Assembly of Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU)

Event Date: 2018-10-17

Former Chairman Senate Farooq H. Naek while addressing the 139 General Assembly of Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva has said that peace, development and democracy are part of parcel of each other in the present day world. The theme of the debate was “Parliamentary Leadership in Promoting Peace and Development in the Age of Innovation and Technology”. 

Farooq H. Naek said that being hub of collective national and political wisdom, parliament by dint of its linkages with the people, multilateral connectivity, legislation, public awareness, and revisiting existing laws, can make it possible to achieve peace and development at the domestic, regional and international fronts.

Farooq H. Naek is leading a delegation of parliamentarians which comprises of Senator Shamim Afridi, Sher Ali Arbab Member National Assembly (MNA)    and Secretary Senate Amjed Pervez Malik.

He mentioned Pakistan Parliament’s joint Committee on National Security and Senate Committee of the Whole and said these two committees are playing the role of parliamentary focal point, embodying and reflecting our collective political thinking and vision towards achieving peace and development both internally and externally, and also in augmenting bilateral and inter-state relations. 

He observed that Pakistan has learnt from nearly two-decade long engagement as the front line state in the global war on terror, peace, stability and security are vital to development.  He said that Pakistan is committed to pursuing the agenda of change through modern and innovative approaches and policies.

Senator Naek said that Pakistan is endeavouring to build a “knowledge-based economy” in Pakistan, to work an engine of growth, peace and socio-economic development.  He said that use of scientific innovation and technology is main consideration in our peace and development pursuits. He further said that Pakistan is committed to undertaking scientific and technological programs and projects as per the national agenda for sound and sustainable socio-economic development, to achieve the vision for a better and prosperous Pakistan.  He said that Pakistan’s principal focus is on building technological competence in the 21st century as we enter new markets and develop a larger pool of human resources to reverse brain drain and are trying integrating existing technological infrastructure for strengthening of technology institutions, and capacity of indigenous innovation systems.

He underscored the need to make concerted efforts, build synergies at national, regional and international levels; between parliaments and legislators; between academia, innovators, technology developers and think tanks to achieve the desired results.  He said that IPU platform gives an excellent opportunity to share legislative experiences and expertise in order to develop effective parliamentary interventions and actions towards promoting innovation and science in our peace and development endeavours.  He expressed his optimise that the outcome of deliberations during the course of this Assembly would blaze the trail in ensuring a better future for common man as well as developing nations.

He acknowledged to the IPU leadership for assembling a truly global gathering of parliamentarians and experts, and for demonstrating extraordinary vision in choosing very pertinent themes and topics for brainstorming in the present assembly.