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Event Title: Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Planning, Development and Reforms Senator Agha Shahzaib Khan Durrani

Event Date: 2018-11-15

Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Planning, Development and Reforms Senator Agha Shahzaib Khan Durrani urged the planning department to devise an evaluation process to assess and to control the cost overrun and time over run of projects which results in loss of billions of rupees. 


Besides that chairman urged that there shouldn’t be any compromise of education sector, especially when it comes to the under developed province of Balochistan where already the literacy rate is extremely low, whose 4 approved projects ( HEC Projects) were chopped off from the PSDP in rationalisation process and should be taken up immediately.


Senator Agha Shahzaib Khan Durrani, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Planning, Development and Reforms while presiding over the meeting of the Committee at Parliament House on Thursday deplored over the fact that poor planning and unrealistic estimation results in delay of projects thus further escalating the costs and waste of resources.  He further said that there are many projects which receive due amount but the same remain unspent.  Senator Durrani pointed out that implementation capacity is a serious issue and there is dire need to adopt realistic approach as per available revenues.  The Committee was given a detailed briefing on the released made against various PSDP program.  It was informed that transition period and rationalization of PSDP resulted in slow release during first quarter.  However, from July to September, 2018 Rs. 94.100 billion have released to various ministries and divisions.


Chairman of the Committee observed that slow pace of development projects indicate that estimates have not been made according real situation and most of the projects are being completed under revised estimates.  He underscored the need for more holistic approach in formulating and planning development initiatives members of the Committee also asked the ministry about the Gwadar business plan.  It was informed that the federal government releases funds to the provincial government of Balochistan and the provincial government has to execute and conceived projects under Gwadar Business Plan.  Senator Kauda babar said that there are various sectors in which projects have been planned the ministry should provide the details of estimates and amount allocated to each and every sector of the Gwadar Business Plan.  Senator Mir Kabeer Ahmad Muhammad Shahi said that people of Gwadar are living miserable life and they don’t have access to clean drinking water.  The Committee briefly discussed the Gwadar City Master Plan.  Members of the Committee were of the view that the plan has been devised by a steering committee without any consultation with the local especially the representatives of the people of Balochistan.  Members were of the view that public representatives from Balochistan in National Assembly, Senate and Provincial assembly should be given representation on the Committee so that the project and planning could be made according to the will and aspiration of the people of the area.


Senator Hidayatullah also asked about the financial allocation made for the FATA Secretariat and sought details of the amount released and the projects being funded under PSDP.


The meeting was attended by Senators Gianchand, Kauda Babar, Mir Kabeer Ahmad Muhammad Shahi, Dilawar Khan, Hidayatullah and others besides senior officers of the concerned departments.