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Event Title: Senate Functional Committee on Problems of Less Developed Areas held at Parliament House

Event Date: 2018-12-11

The meeting of the Senate Functional Committee on problems of Less Developed Areas was held on Monday. Convened by Senator Usman Khan Kakar; the meeting was attended by Senator Hasil Khan Bizenjo, Senator Gianchand, Senator Molvi Faiz Muhmmad, Senator Kulsoom Parveen and senior officers of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Ministry of Industries and Production, Military Intelligence and departments attached to it.

The meeting commenced with a presentation made by Major Nasrullah from the Military Intelligence who briefed the Committee regarding issues related to explosive use and licensing in Pakistan. 

At the end of the briefing and quoting the case of Muslim Bagh, QiIla Saifullah Balochistan the Convener Committee, Senator Usman Khan Kakar said that he was only interested in knowing when licenses will be issued, so that the problems of the poor in this area are alleviated. He said that in order to end misuse, curbing the use of explosives in the country for legal purposes will damage many industries. 

Senator Hasil Khan Bizenjo was of the view that a time frame must be developed in the presence of all stakeholders and must include other tangents of the issue as well. 

Senator Fida Muhammad Khan stressed the need for establishing a Committee that would weigh all sides of the issue and formulate a system. He said that a report regarding the findings of the Committee must be presented to the House for its feedback. He stated that  this would be a great service to Pakistan.  In addition to this, Senator Fida Muhammad Khan stressed the need for documentation to be presented in the meeting so that Committee members have the time to deliberate over details of issues being discussed.  He said that in many areas 90 percent of precious stones and minerals are going to waste because of blasting issues.  He enquired what is being done by the Ministry of Industries and Production regarding this.  

Discussing the overall performance of the Ministry of Industries and Production, Senator Usman Khan Kakar praised the efforts of the Ministry and stressed the need for it to concentrate on less developed areas. He asserted that recruitments under the Hoqooq-e-Balochistan Program in which 17 grade officers were selected had been wrought with issues as there have been instances in which they are being harassed. Besides this, he said that the quota awarded to Balochistan has not been utilized and individuals from other areas have been recruited.  He stressed the need for the Ministry to look into this matter and provide details in the next meeting.