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Event Title: Senate Standing Committee on Statistics

Event Date: 2018-12-28

Senate Standing Committee on Statistics in its meeting was given a briefing on Services statistics by the Ministry of Statistics and was told that the country has services sector exports amounting to 4-5 billion US Dollars according to the documented data obtained from the State Bank of Pakistan. The meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Senator Dr. Jehanzeb Jamaldini here at the Parliament House on Friday and was attended among others by Senator Rukhsana Zuberi, Dr. Asif Kirmani, Lt. Gen. (R) Abdul Qayyum, Dr. Musadik Malik, Syed Shibli Faraz and senior officials from the ministry.

The Committee members observed that a high degree of services sector exports are unreported and undocumented and all relevant authorities from ministry of commerce, Federal Board of Revenue and State Bank of Pakistan will be called to the next meeting to get a comprehensive outlook of the matter. The Committee members emphasised the significance of the work of statistics bureau terming it an important stakeholder in guiding the policy decisions relating to exports and imports, agriculture, industry, education and many other aspects of civic life in the country. Members stressed that while having the date provided to stakeholders is important, the accuracy of the statistical data is also of equal significance.

In the next meeting of the Committee the ministry will come up with a detailed briefing on the sources of their data, challenges in obtaining data and in getting their observations heard, details of coding procedures, recommendations to help in policy formulation and having the correct ratio of growth and employment rate on the basis of different sectors including agriculture, industry, skilled services, education among others.