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Event Title: Meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Postal Services

Event Date: 2019-01-22

Meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Postal Services held here at Parliament House statement by minister under Chairmanship Senator Khushbkahat Shujjat. The meeting was attended by Senators Mirza Muhammad Afridi Mushtaq Ahmed Behramand Khan Tangi and Federal Minister Murad Saeed alongwith senior Officers from Ministry of Postal Services.

 Minister for postal services Murad Saeed gave a comprehensive briefing with multiple development projects in the Postal Services. It was informed that some unique initiatives have been taken to improve the functioning of the postal services. Minister also briefed the committee about the financial crises and poor infrastructure of department

The committee stressed the need to solve the issues and problems by using existing resources, with in these resources public ownership would be taken.

While discussing progress made to resolve matters, ministry informed that Nadra, signed the agreement for renewal, modification and delivery of CNIC, through post offices UBL also has signed agreement for cash payout. Committee was informed that 20% revenue have been increased from 2017 to 2018.

Committee highly appreciated a progressive action of the minister for postal services. It underscored the need for introducing dynamic approaches to increase the efficiency of the postal service department and new idea should be worked out to make the organization more profitable and effective.

Members of the committee were of the view that postal services is an important institution and there is dire need to improve its performance and functionality. The committee further emphasized that all the legal issues should be solved amiably to improve the performance and pave the way for smooth functioning of the organization.