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Event Title: Leader of the House in the Senate Senator Syed Shibli Faraz

Event Date: 2019-03-06

Leader of the House in the Senate Senator Syed Shibli Faraz said that women are central to democratic and economic development and their empowerment, equal status and effective participation in social, political and economic spheres is key to moving democracy , good governance and development forward. He expressed these views at a seminar “Celebrating contributions of women parliamentarians” held Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS). He said that such initiatives hold great significance towards rejoicing our achievements, reviewing previous efforts, identifying fault lines and charting out rational course of action in joint struggle for women empowerment, fulfilment of their rights and gender equality. He further remarked that women equally and actively participate in decision making processes at all levels and it is direly imperative for achievement of the goals of equality, sustainable development, poverty alleviation and peace.

He observed that Pakistani women leading governments, officiating as parliamentary speakers, playing their roles as legislators and national leaders. He said that through proactive legislative interventions, initiating debates on the floor of the house and effectively using the forums of parliamentary committees, women parliamentarians have endeavoured to ensure implementation of gender sensitive laws and policies by maintaining close oversight. “Our shared dreams of building healthier, better educated , more peaceful and more prosperous societies cannot be realized without recognizing the inherent dignity of women.

Senator Sana Jamali while addressing the seminar said that without active participation of women in the national development process, we cannot move ahead and Pakistani women have historically played active role in the growth and progress of the country. Senator Sitara also emphasized active and robust role of women to make foundations of democracy more stronger.

Senator Kalsoom Perveen said that there is need to raise voice for under privileged segments of the society.  Senator Seemi Ezdi also expressed her views and said that women in all aspects of life have excelled and are actively contributing towards national development and growth.  A number of parliamentarians including Senators, MNAs , guest speakers and others also addressed the gathering.