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Event Title: Meeting of the Functional Committee on Devolution held at old PIPs Hall, Parliament Lodges

Event Date: 2019-03-07

The meeting of the Functional Committee on Devolution was held on Thursday under the Chairmanship of Senator Moula Bux Chandio. The meeting was attended by Senator Sassui Palijo, Senator Shamim Afridi, Senator Lt. Gen (R) Salauddin Tirmizi and senior officers of the Cabinet Division, Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC), and Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC).

The agenda entailed discussion over the response received from the Cabinet Division regarding transfer of 172 acres of PTDC land in Gadani.

Response to questions that were raised by the Committee in the previous meetings was reviewed.  The Cabinet Division and the aggrieved party presented their points of view.  The Committee rwas of the viewthat since the issue pertained to tourism, the subject was devolved and hence all assets and documents must be handed over to the Government of Balochistan.

Chairman Committee, Senator Moula Bux Chandio directed that the PTDC Board of Governors be formed at the earliest and PTDC should review the matter in detail. The Cabinet Division was instructed to resolve the matter within 60 days, failure of which would result in the aggrieved party registering their case with the Supreme Court of Pakistan, as per its decision in a previous court hearing. 

The Committee assured that the aggrieved party would be compensated in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan.