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Event Title: The Meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Postal Servise

Event Date: 2019-03-27

The Meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Postal Servise was held on 27th march 2019 at Parliament house, under the Chairmanship of Senator Mushtaq Ahmed and was attended by Senators Mirza Muhammad Afridi, Khushbakht Shujah, Behramand Khan Tangi ,Naseebullah Bazai along with senior officers from Ministry of Postal Services.

The committee considered the Pakistan Courier and Logistics Regulatory Authority Bill 2018 introduced by Senator Khushbakht Shujah in the senate and held clause by clause reading of bill. Salient features of bill were briefed about in meeting.

The bill was proposed to protect the interests of consumers, state and courier and logistics Service providers. It was informed to the committee that bill was created  to make fair conditions for all market operators and to organize the competition in terms of quality, accessibility, affordability, safety, security in line with other market competitions and to bring the operations of courier and logistics service providers within the ambit of Law, prescribing regulatory frameworks as such.

Senetor Khushbakht Shujah explained the purpose of bill that it would create a fruitful environment of market competitiveness. Moreover, it also aims at protecting the rights and interests of the consumers. Courier Services covers a market of almost 4 billion dollars. Regulatory authority is essential to have check and balance in the Courier Business in Pakistan. It would also be beneficial to generate more revenue.Committee recommended that there should be four private members in Board of Governance, one from each province and female representation should also be there. 

Senator Mirza Muhammad Afridi suggested on the behalf of committee that we should study international regulatory authority bills for comparative analysis and ships should be given a grace period of 20 days after their license are expired