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Event Title: Senate Standing Committee on Railways

Event Date: 2019-06-24

Senate Standing Committee on Railways in its meeting on Monday was told that inquiry report of the Hyderabad train collision incident will come in about 45 days and be shared with the Committee. The Committee after getting preliminary information about the incident asked some questions and directed the same to be answered in the inquiry report.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Senator Asad Ali Khan Junejo here at the Parliament House and was attended among others by Senators Brig. (R) John Kenneth Williams, Gianchand, Mirza Muhammad Afridi, Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, and officials from Pakistan Railways. The Committee was told that the driver of Jinnah Express was driving the train at a high speed despite the speed limit and did not stop the train despite the outer signal signalling him to do so. The Committee members observed that information about the defective signal, speed limit, brake application, number of people permitted to sit in locomotive, casualties, and time observation to be made a part of inquiry.

The matters of sub-committee report on the projects of Pakistan Railways under CPEC, recent incidents of derailments and enquiry reports of the incidents, and unavailability of water , light and wndow glass and insufficient bogies in trains operating between Quetta and Chaman were also discussed. The Committee appreciated the improvement done on the route between Quetta and Chaman and directed the remaining work to be completed soon.

Minister for Railways told the meeting that prioritising work on ML-I under CPEC will resolve most of the issues of Pakistan Railways.