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Event Title: Senate sub-Committee on Climate Change Calls for a Cleaner, Greener Islamabad

Event Date: 2019-06-28

The sub-Committee on the Senate Standing Committee for Climate Change, convened   by Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, took up various issues that are a threat Islamabad’s environment.  The meeting was attended by Senator Samina Saeed, Green Peace Activists and senior officers from the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Ministry of Climate Change along with all concerned. Minister for Climate Change, Ms. Zartaj Gul.was also present in the meeting.


Issues taken up in the meeting were billboards that have turned into an eyesore for Islamabad residents, sewerage near F9 Park for which a compliance report will be submitted to the Committee within 15 days, finalization of a landfill site  for solid waste management.


While discussing the landfill site, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed asserted that the site must not be just a garbage dumping ground, but must follow international standards and give priority to recycling waste, which is a modern industry. 


Raising the issue of billboards, Senator Samina Saeed was of the view that these must be minimized since, in addition to lack of aesthetics, these were life threatening as well.  Capital Development Authority (CDA) informed the Committee, as per direction of the Supreme Court 80 percent of billboards in Islamabad have already been removed.  It was recommended that ratio of billboards size be taken into consideration as well.   


While taking up the issue of Nullah management in Islamabad Dr. Dushka Sayed was of the opinion that to deal with this issue it was imperative that the issue of Katchi Abadis be separated from that of high rises.  As per recommendation in the previous meeting to link Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) with the responsibility for environment degradation and pollution caused by high rise construction, Marquee operation and other corporate activity, the Committee recommended that legislation must be passed to make CSR contribution mandatory.