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Event Title: Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Raja Zafar-ul-Haq in a meeting with a delegation of Al Quds Parliament

Event Date: 2019-06-28

Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Raja Zafar-ul-Haq in a meeting with a delegation of Al Quds Parliament has said that we are fully committed to the Palestine cause and are standing with the Palestinian brothers in this long and arduous struggle.

The visiting delegation which is on a four day visit to Pakistan was headed by Dr. Hamid Abdullah Husseih al-Ahmar, President of the Al Quds Parliament, Syed Abu Musameh, Member of Board, Jaraallah Bachir, General Director, Abedallah Elbeti, General Coordination of Relations. From the Senate of Pakistan Senators Mushahid Hussain Sayed and Asad Ali Khan Junejo were also present.

Raja Zafar ul Haq welcomed the delegation and remarked that the State, government and Parliament of Pakistan fully support the Palestine issue and is always a proponent for Palestinian people to get their due rights recognized and the issue to come to a logical conclusion. He also shared the resolutions passed by the Senate of Pakistan over a period of time in support of the Palestine cause.

The delegation shared a proposal with to have a special committee on Palestinian issue in the Senate or a sub-committee of Foreign Affairs committee be constituted for dealing with Kashmir, Palestine and Rohingya issue. Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed told the visiting delegation that a forum for Palestine, Kashmir and Rohingya Muslims has already been put in place and will be functioning soon. The delegation also requested the Senate of Pakistan to work on the possibility of having a focal person in every political party for the Palestine issue. The visiting delegation expressed hope that the support to the Palestine cause from Pakistan shall continue and resistance and opposition of the cunning plans of the West in the name of ‘deal of the century’ to increase support and acceptance for Isreal and limit the territory of Palestine will emerge from all brother Muslim Parliaments.

Leader of the House observed that despite lack of unity in Muslim Ummah, Pakistan has always expressed its outright support to the cause and has treated it as equally important as Kashmir issue if for Pakistan. Senator Asad Ali Junejo remarked that there are many examples in history when in difficult times Pakistan found itself alone and the much needed support from Muslim countries did not come for Kashmir issue but Pakistan has always remained a staunch supporter of the Palestine cause and will always stay firm in this support.

Both sides agreed and stressed upon the need to have a joint coordinated effort to meet the challenges of the day which cannot be addressed independently and have to be addressed collectively. Members from both houses of Parliament of Pakistan took part in the Al-Quds forum in Istanbul and the delegation expressed hope that Pakistani representation will also be made in the upcoming conference to be held in Kaula Lampur this year.