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Event Title: Message of Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani on Defence Day

Event Date: 2019-09-06


Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, in his message on September 6 Defence Day, has said that September 6 reminds us of the bravery, courage and valour of our armed forces who when in line of duty don’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives in the way of God, for making the defence of the motherland impregnable and safeguarding the lives of other fellow countrymen. He said this day is a day to reinforce and reinstate our commitment that we will not hesitate in sacrificing our personal interests in interest of the nation, the state and the country.

Chairman Senate said that the sacrifices of our soldiers will not go wasted. He said that Armed Forces of Pakistan have always defended the homeland and their role against the anti-state and anti-country elements is widely acknowledged. He said that Modi led India should not stay in any misunderstanding and Pakistan is and always will stand with its Kashmiri brothers and sisters.

Paying tribute to those who were martyred defending the country and those who received blows on bodies but remained steadfast in defence of the country, he remarked that our soldiers and people from other spheres of life have always have given the most profound sacrifices in shape of laying down their lives and it is a strong motivation and driving force for ordinary citizens.