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Event Title: Chairman EU Military Committee Calls on Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Defence

Event Date: 2019-11-07

Chairman EU Military Committee, General Claudio Graziano along with an entourage called on Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Defence, Senator Walid Iqbal at Parliament House, Islamabad on Thursday.   Issues that came under discussion included regional Defence and Peace with special reference to fencing of the Western border and the situation of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) in the East. 

Chairman Committee Senator Walid Iqbal was of the view that Pakistan looks towards the European Union to use its stature and influence in the international community towards ensuring regional peace and security.  He stressed the need for promoting peace in Afghanistan and taking up the atrocities being committed in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).  He added that a dangerous situation has emerged as India has repeatedly been issuing irresponsible statements on its policy of no first use of nuclear weapons.  He stated Pakistan through its policy of Nuclear deterrence has prevented India from becoming a regional hegemon.  This attitude he added, was detrimental to regional and world peace.  He asserted that this region posits the greatest threat of Nuclear Conflict after the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

Chairman of the European Union Military Committee, General Claudio Graziano; was of the view that Pakistan is a strategic ally and as the Chairman of the European Union Military Committee envisions emerging new trends in defence and peace keeping as shared value.  He said that unlike NATO the European Union has the capacity to finance development of forces. 

Sharing his views on the Kashmir issue, General Graziano was of the view that the European Union expects a bilateral solution.  He stressed the need for increased participation of Pakistan at the European Union to highlight this issue on a larger scale.  For this, he said, pursuing a comprehensive approach and increased Confidence Building Measures between Pakistan and the European Union were crucial. 

Speaking on his upcoming visit to Brussels, as part of a proposed parliamentary delegation, Senator Walid Iqbal stressed the need for increased participation of women Parliamentarians and leaders in exchange programs to promote world peace.  General Claudio Graziano is on a three-day visit to Pakistan as guest of Joint Services Headquarters.