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Event Title: Participants of 49th PNS Course visit Senate of Pakistan, meet Leader of the House in the Senate Senator Shibli Faraz

Event Date: 2019-11-13

90 course members and 17 faculty members of Pakistan Navy War College, Lahore visited Parliament House on Wednesday and were given a comprehensive briefing on the role and functions of the Upper House of the Parliament.  The course members and faculty met with Leader of the House in Senate Senator Shibli Faraz and were briefed by Secretary Senate regarding the Constitutional scheme, rationale behind the idea of a bi-cameral legislature and consequently the creation of Senate of Pakistan, number of seats in the Senate, its role as the House of Federation, electoral process, the mechanism of House and Committee business and empowerment of Senate over the course of years.

Leader of the House Senator Shibli Faraz welcomed the participants to the Parliament House and termed it a very positive step that the organs of the State are engaging with each other and understanding the dynamics of the parliamentary system of government. Leader of the House observed that Senate of Pakistan is working towards spreading equality, peace and harmony among the federating units and has come a long way in terms of role and powers. He expressed hope that this experience is of value to the participants and faculty of the course.

The briefing was followed by an interactive session where participants raised questions about the initiatives on e-governance and e-parliament, the benefits and need of reserved seats for women in the Parliament, different parliamentary instruments, election process, and enhancement of Senate’s powers after 18th Amendment and Parliament’s role in National Action Plan.

Deputy Commandant Cadre Syed Wajeeh ul Hassan SI(M), who was heading the delegation of Pakistan Navy War College, said that this course is a very important part of development of the officers and visits to Parliament are a significant part of the course. He told that out of the 90 visiting participants of the course 25% were from friendly countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, UAE, Bangladesh, China, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman and South Africa. The participants termed their visit insightful about the Senate of Pakistan which has become an essential organ of the state machinery and is a stabilizing factor in the political landscape of the country.