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Event Title: Senate Standing Committee on Water Resources

Event Date: 2020-08-10

Senate Standing Committee on Water Resources in its meeting was given detailed briefing on the potential of Hydro, small and irrigation dams in Kohat division, dams completed so far, dams under construction and dams in feasibility study stage, present status of construction work on Zamir Gul Dam, Ziarat Sheikh Allah Dad, provision of water channel to villages Mandoni, Shahid Pur and adjacent areas for irrigation purpose and raising of Tanda dam.

The meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Senator Shamim Afridi and was attended among others by Senators Sana Jamali, Usman Kakar and Syed Sabir Shah. The Committee was told that Zamir Gul Dam, Khattak Banda Dam and Makh Banda Dam in Kohat Division are three ongoing projects with storage capacity of 6691 AF, 4988 and 693 AF respectively. Gandiali Dam, Chanda Fateh Khan Dam, Kandar Dam, Naryab Dam, Changhoze Dam and Sharki Dam have been completed in Kohat Division. Regarding the project of increasing capacity and improvement in command area of Tanda Dam, the committee was told that it will have embankment height of 115 ft and length of 2340ft. The reservoir capacity will be of 78000 AF. It will provide 80km long canal system and will irrigate 30372 acres of Kohat Division.

While discussing the grievances of affectees of Neelum Jhelum Project who belong to village Nausari, district Muzafarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir the Committee was told that the demands of affectees include a permanent resettlement, compensation of land in compliance with prevailing market rates, job opportunities and construction of protection wall. The Committee was told that the first three matters haven already been taken care of at the time of construction and afterwards, however, the matter of protection wall can be further looked into to see what can be undertaken in this regard.