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Event Title: Functional Committee for less developed areas

Event Date: 2021-02-10


A meeting of the Functional Committee for less developed areas of Iwan Bala was held at the Parliament House chaired by Chairman Committee Senator Usman Khan Kakar. In the functional committee meeting, the committee meeting was held on th March Execution of Recommendations, Chaman Custom Gateway, Badini Custom Gateway and Toor Khum Custom Gateway. All import export details during the last months, do not allow countless businessmen to export at Chaman Custom Gateway. Reasons for not allowing export of dry fruits and watermelon from Balochistan Province to other provinces, import export items of the business community and especially the surprise visit of the Customs Authority in Quetta and Karachi cities on st November A detailed review of the incident of Karachi's tire shop market.
Chairman Committee Senator Usman Khan Kakar said that Balochistan province is half of the country. Due to lack of water, % of agriculture has been finished. No steps have been taken for the betterment of mining in the province since years. Bad Fortunately, despite being the country's most backward province, the commodities of this province are not allowed to carry especially dried fruits, watermelon, vegetables, fruits and other crops to the rest of the provinces of the country. It is narrowed everywhere. A packet of Chilghuza is bought from trucks to goods from our province for Rs. and sold for thousand. Farmers, landlords have no problem. They have It is said that this is the same with the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA and PATA. People are repeatedly annoyed. Customs authorities should resolve problems with other relevant institutions. JS Ministry of Commerce said that under any law Traders are not allowed to be stopped. We will take steps to solve the problems of traders.
The committee meeting reviewed the implementation of the recommendations given in the committee meeting held on th March The committee was told that after the th Amendment, the districts of former FATA and PATA were in Zhob Division, including the districts of Jun Till the income tax has been exempted and the areas with regards to cell tax are exempted till June, the Chairman and Members Committee said that the Functional Committee recommends that they have been observed in view of the issues in these areas. The areas should be exempted for another five years even after years. The committee was told that export is exported from Balochistan province in the form of chromite raw. If it is fenishing, the country and the nation will benefit billions. I have talked to the provincial government for the processing plant but no progress has been made. million dollar valve edition can only be planted by planting one plant.
In the committee meeting, the matter was reviewed in detail regarding the opening of the Chaman Custom Gateway hours. The committee was told that there was a shortage of staff. The summary of vacancies is lying with the FPSC while recruitment. Improvement is not possible. Functional Committee directed FPSC to complete the recruitment of custom vacancies as soon as possible. Senator Fida Mohammad said Malakand Division was also taxed up to left Exempted but FED is being received from Malakand Division. Standing Committee recommended exemption from all taxes in FATA and PATA and Balochistan.
All import export details were reviewed during the last months at Chaman Custom Gateway, Badini Custom Gateway and Torkham Custom Gateway. Chairman Committee Senator Usman Khan Kakar said that Chaman Gateway and Chaman Gateway. Political bribery has increased a lot at Torkham Gateway. Despite the gateway is closed at night, certain people's vehicles are spent on ice drugs, drugs, weapons and other things and bribes of millions are received. It is said that the traders who pay tax to the government take weeks to reach Karachi and Islamabad from the border. They are fed up by stopping everywhere but those who are loving people who are giving billions of loss to the country. Not to ask, the slip system has been promoted. The Chairman committee said that Sadiq Achakzai and Bani Bakhsh are supplying ice, cigarettes, chhalia and other drugs across the country. No one even asks them. The committee recommends that all Exporters pay taxes should not be disturbed and strict action should be taken with smugglers who are harming the country. Chairman committee said scanners have been installed at Toor Khum border which damage fruits and vegetables This should be checked. Instead of export, trazet is preferred and scanner people work hours then long queues of cars. Even after setting up check posts by various institutions coming from Torkham to Peshawar. People are annoyed without any reason. In one place, all the representatives of the Adar can do checking. JS Ministry of Communications said repeated checking work is not related to the ministry. The matter can be lifted with the relevant institutions. Chairman Committee It is said that in Karachi, double dollar rent was used to be taken in Karachi, which has been increased to more than four hundred, due to which export is ending and especially the chromite business is being destroyed. Relevant institutions should solve this problem as soon as possible.
Chairman Committee Senator Usman Khan Kakar said that the people of our area improve their condition by working hard. They do cloth tires and other businesses in Karachi. According to the committee's report, even during the reign of former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, our people, weapons, drugs etc. They don't work but earn employment through hard work. Unfortunately, custom authorities officials are a scandal for Iftikhar Hassan alias Bilamlik and the nation. It's a theater to disturb businessmen. Ifthar Hassan approved that Karachi since long time. I do business of tires, he was fired and his goods were also taken illegally. Iftikhar Hassan called Manzoor Trader to office and put someone else's goods on approved and registered the paper. He said law in the country. There is no such thing as a name. This country has become paradise for elite, civil beraucracy, chaudhrys, nawabs and big investors but the common people have been destroyed. Even our institute has become helpless in front of people like Ifthar Hassan. For details of Iftikhar Hassan's assets, the report should be given to the committee by establishing an international committee. The functional committee was informed about the incident in Karachi. The committee recommended the customs officials to take action against the people involved. Customs officials assured the committee that the report will be provided to the committee by fact-finding inquiry. Senator Fida Mohammad said last days kilo of gold was caught at the airport. The second day news was received that all the gold where authorities had taken. It was kept that it was stolen, it could not be known till today. There are influential people involved who have stolen gold. Representatives of businessmen of Karachi and Balochistan told the committee that they are ready to offer custom duty. Warehouse has billions of rupees worth of goods that get damaged in short time. Customs authorities said to write all the problems in written, the problems will be resolved soon.
Senators Fida Mohammad, Sardar Muhammad Shafiq Tareen, Muhammad Khalid Bazinju and Nusrat Shaheen in the meeting of the Functional Committee, along with Joint Secretary Ministry of Commerce, Chief Customs FBR, Member Customs FBR, Joint Secretary of Finance Ministry, The representatives of K participated.