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Orders of the Day

Orders of the Day constitute business of the House to be transacted on a particular day. This schedule is prepared by the Secretary. Government business is arranged by the Secretary in such a manner as the Leader of the House or the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs or any other Minister authorized by the Leader of the House may intimate. Orders of the Day for Private Members’ Day is arranged and prepared by the Secretary Senate out of business given notices of by Private Members. Here we find the day’s schedule for Senate sittings.

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299 Session

298 Session

Date of Summoning : 12th May,2020      Date of Prorogation : 14th May,2020

14th May,2020 12th May,2020

297 Session

Date of Summoning : 3rd March,2020      Date of Prorogation : 4th March,2020

4th March,2020 3rd March,2020

296 Session

Date of Summoning : 28th February,2020      Date of Prorogation : 2nd March,2020

2nd March,2020 28th February,2020

295 Session

294 Session

293 Session

292 Session

Date of Summoning : 1st August,2019      Date of Prorogation : 1st August,2019

1st August,2019

291 Session

Date of Summoning : 23rd July,2019      Date of Prorogation : 23rd July,2019

23rd July,2019

290 Session

289 Session

Date of Summoning : 31st May,2019      Date of Prorogation : 31st May,2019

31st May,2019

288 Session

287 Session

286 Session

285 Session

284 Session

283 Session

282 Session

281 Session

280 Session

Date of Summoning : 20th July,2018      Date of Prorogation : 21st July,2018

21st July,2018 20th July,2018

279 Session

278 Session

Date of Summoning : 24th May,2018      Date of Prorogation : 25th May,2018

25th May,2018 24th May,2018

277 Session

276 Session

275 Session

Date of Summoning : 12th March,2018      Date of Prorogation : 12th March,2018

12th March,2018

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