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Orders of the Day

Orders of the Day constitute business of the House to be transacted on a particular day. This schedule is prepared by the Secretary. Government business is arranged by the Secretary in such a manner as the Leader of the House or the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs or any other Minister authorized by the Leader of the House may intimate. Orders of the Day for Private Members’ Day is arranged and prepared by the Secretary Senate out of business given notices of by Private Members. Here we find the day’s schedule for Senate sittings.

274th Session

273rd Session

272nd Session

271st Session

270th Session

269th Session

268th Session

267th Session

266th Session

265th Session

Date of Summoning : 9th August,2017      Date of Prorogation : 10th August,2017

10th August,2017 9th August,2017

264th Session

263rd Session

262nd Session

261st Session

260th Session

259th Session

258th Session

257th Session

256th Session

255th Session

254th Session

Date of Summoning : 4th November,2016      Date of Prorogation : 4th November,2016

4th November,2016

253rd Session

252nd Session

251st Session

Date of Summoning : 5th August,2016      Date of Prorogation : 5th August,2016

5th August,2016

250th Session

249th Session

248th Session

247th Session

246th Session

245th Session

Date of Summoning : 18th February,2016      Date of Prorogation : 18th February,2016

18th February,2016

244th Session

243rd Session

242nd Session

241st Session

240th Session

239th Session

238th Session

237th Session

236th Session

235th Session

234th Session

233rd Session

Date of Summoning : 12th March,2015      Date of Prorogation : 12th March,2015

12th March,2015

232nd Session

231st Session

230th Session

229th Session

228th Session

227th Session

226th Session

Date of Summoning : 30th June,2014      Date of Prorogation : 30th June,2014

30th June,2014

225th Session

224th Session

223rd Session

222nd Session

221st Session

220th Session

219th Session

218th Session

217th Session

216th Session

Date of Summoning : 29th July,2013      Date of Prorogation : 29th July,2013

29th July,2013

215th Session

214th Session

Date of Summoning : 23rd May,2013      Date of Prorogation : 23rd May,2013

23rd May,2013

213rd Session

Date of Summoning : 2nd May,2013      Date of Prorogation : 2nd May,2013

2nd May,2013

212nd Session

211th Session

210th Session

209th Session

Date of Summoning : 3rd January,2013      Date of Prorogation : 4th January,2013

4th January,2013 3rd January,2013

208th Session

207th Session

206th Session

205th Session

204th Session

203rd Session

202nd Session

201st Session

200th Session

Date of Summoning : 12th March,2012      Date of Prorogation : 12th March,2012

12th March,2012

199th Session

198th Session

197th Session

196th Session

195th Session

194th Session

193rd Session

192nd Session

Date of Summoning : 21st July,2011      Date of Prorogation : 22nd July,2011

22nd July,2011 21st July,2011

191st Session

190th Session

189th Session

188th Session

187th Session

Date of Summoning : 30th December,2010      Date of Prorogation : 30th December,2010

30th December,2010

186th Session

185th Session

184th Session

183rd Session

182nd Session

181st Session

180th Session

179th Session

178th Session

177th Session

176th Session

175th Session

174th Session

173rd Session

172nd Session

Date of Summoning : 12th March,2009      Date of Prorogation : 12th March,2009

12th March,2009

Session 43 - 51

Date of Summoning : 25th April,2008      Date of Prorogation : 9th March,2009

9th March,2009 7th March,2009 6th March,2009 30th January,2009 29th January,2009
28th January,2009 27th January,2009 26th January,2009 23rd January,2009 24th December,2008
23rd December,2008 22nd December,2008 19th December,2008 13th November,2008 12th November,2008
11th November,2008 10th November,2008 30th October,2008 29th October,2008 28th October,2008
27th October,2008 24th October,2008 8th September,2008 5th September,2008 4th September,2008
3rd September,2008 2nd September,2008 1st September,2008 29th August,2008 28th August,2008
27th August,2008 26th August,2008 25th August,2008 8th August,2008 7th August,2008
6th August,2008 5th August,2008 4th August,2008 18th June,2008 17th June,2008
16th June,2008 15th June,2008 14th June,2008 11th June,2008 10th June,2008
9th June,2008 6th June,2008 5th June,2008 4th June,2008 14th May,2008
13th May,2008 12th May,2008 9th May,2008 8th May,2008 7th May,2008
6th May,2008 5th May,2008 2nd May,2008 30th April,2008 29th April,2008
28th April,2008 25th April,2008

Session 38 - 42

Session 27 - 37

Date of Summoning : 10th March,2006      Date of Prorogation : 22nd February,2007

22nd February,2007 21st February,2007 20th February,2007 19th February,2007 16th February,2007
12th February,2007 9th February,2007 26th January,2007 25th January,2007 24th January,2007
23rd January,2007 22nd January,2007 19th January,2007 18th January,2007 16th January,2007
28th November,2006 27th November,2006 24th November,2006 23rd November,2006 22nd November,2006
21st November,2006 19th September,2006 18th September,2006 15th September,2006 14th September,2006
13th September,2006 12th September,2006 22nd August,2006 21st August,2006 18th August,2006
17th August,2006 16th August,2006 15th August,2006 12th August,2006 11th August,2006
10th August,2006 9th August,2006 8th August,2006 7th August,2006 4th August,2006
3rd August,2006 2nd August,2006 16th June,2006 15th June,2006 14th June,2006
13th June,2006 12th June,2006 10th June,2006 9th June,2006 8th June,2006
7th June,2006 5th June,2006 2nd June,2006 19th May,2006 18th May,2006
17th May,2006 16th May,2006 15th May,2006 12th May,2006 20th March,2006
17th March,2006 16th March,2006 15th March,2006 12th March,2006 10th March,2006

Session 20 - 26

Date of Summoning : 25th April,2005      Date of Prorogation : 10th March,2006

10th March,2006 16th February,2006 15th February,2006 13th February,2006 10th February,2006
7th February,2006 6th February,2006 3rd February,2006 1st February,2006 30th January,2006
27th January,2006 25th January,2006 23rd January,2006 20th January,2006 2nd January,2006
30th December,2005 29th December,2005 28th December,2005 27th December,2005 26th December,2005
23rd December,2005 24th November,2005 23rd November,2005 22nd November,2005 21st November,2005
18th November,2005 17th November,2005 16th November,2005 15th November,2005 14th November,2005
11th November,2005 8th October,2005 7th October,2005 23rd September,2005 21st September,2005
19th September,2005 16th September,2005 15th September,2005 13th September,2005 20th June,2005
17th June,2005 16th June,2005 15th June,2005 14th June,2005 13th June,2005
11th June,2005 10th June,2005 9th June,2005 8th June,2005 6th June,2005
3rd June,2005 1st June,2005 31st May,2005 27th April,2005 26th April,2005
25th April,2005

Session 2004-2005

Date of Summoning : 9th April,2004      Date of Prorogation : 15th February,2005

15th February,2005 14th February,2005 11th February,2005 10th February,2005 9th February,2005
7th February,2005 4th February,2005 3rd February,2005 2nd February,2005 9th December,2004
8th December,2004 7th December,2004 6th December,2004 3rd December,2004 2nd December,2004
1st December,2004 30th November,2004 29th November,2004 26th November,2004 2nd November,2004
1st November,2004 30th October,2004 29th October,2004 28th October,2004 27th October,2004
24th September,2004 23rd September,2004 21st September,2004 18th September,2004 17th September,2004
15th September,2004 24th August,2004 23rd August,2004 20th August,2004 23rd July,2004
22nd July,2004 21st July,2004 20th July,2004 19th July,2004 16th July,2004
14th July,2004 12th July,2004 9th July,2004 7th July,2004 5th July,2004
3rd July,2004 19th June,2004 18th June,2004 17th June,2004 16th June,2004
15th June,2004 12th June,2004 6th May,2004 5th May,2004 4th May,2004
16th April,2004 14th April,2004 13th April,2004 12th April,2004 9th April,2004

Session 2003-2004

Date of Summoning : 12th March,2003      Date of Prorogation : 30th December,2003

10th March,2004 8th March,2004 5th March,2004 3rd March,2004 29th February,2004
27th February,2004 25th February,2004 23rd February,2004 20th February,2004 18th February,2004
13th February,2004 23rd January,2004 21st January,2004 19th January,2004 16th January,2004
13th January,2004 30th December,2003 29th December,2003 26th December,2003 24th December,2003
22nd December,2003 19th December,2003 17th December,2003 15th December,2003 12th December,2003
10th December,2003 8th December,2003 5th December,2003 29th September,2003 26th September,2003
24th September,2003 22nd September,2003 19th September,2003 18th September,2003 17th June,2003
12th June,2003 11th June,2003 10th June,2003 7th June,2003 18th April,2003
2nd April,2003 1st April,2003 31st March,2003 28th March,2003 27th March,2003
12th March,2003

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