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Rulings of the Chair

The ruling of the Chair is a ruling which is a given by the Chairman on an issue raised in the House and referred to the Chairman. It is extremely important and as effective as the Rules of Procedure of the House.

Since Senate started functioning in 1973, Chairmen of the Upper House have given a considerable number of important rulings on various issues and questions raised during the proceedings of the House involving interpretation of constitutional provisions, Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Senate etc. These publications include those historic decisions and rulings extracted from the debates of Senate. They have been reproduced substantially along with relevant facts, contentions and arguments.


Procedure regarding notice of a Motion for leave to move a Resolution for the removal from office of the Chairman or the Deputy Chairman

Issuance of Production Orders

Restriction on discussion in the Parliament regarding the conduct of Judges

Promulgation of Ordinance and delay in Laying

Ruling of the Chair


Ruling of the Chair

Delay in laying of Ordinance

Operationalization of joint ownership of mineral oil and natural gas; implementation of Article 172 (3), Constitution, 1973

Parliamentary Oversight: Interpretation of Section 53 of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016

Constitutional Requirement of National Finanace Commission Award

Discussion on Sub Judice Matter

Placement of Regulatory Authorities under the Line Ministries

Procedure regarding Treatment of Business/Matter Transmitted to the Executive for Implementation

Procedure regarding Treatment of Business during a Requisitioned Session

Absence of Minister Concernced During The Question Hour

Absence of Ministers during the Senate Proceedings

Adjournment Motions

Barring A Minister from attending the Sitting of the House

Breach of Privilege of the Parliament

Budget Session

Calling Attention Notice

Complaint/Statement Against A Sitting Member Not To Be Raised In His Absence

Council of Common Interests (CCI)

Disposal of Notices of Privilege Motions

Entitlement of families of sitting and former Senators

Interpretation of Rules 99, 100 and 166

Inconsistency in Rules

Leaves of Members

Local Government Election

Legislation to curb the increasing incidents of infants' abduction from hospital

Misleading the Senate Committee—Breach of Privilege of the House

Motion for consideration at once of the Local Government Bill, 2015

Observance of Quota in the Service of Pakistan

Provision of Report of Committee before presentation

Passage of Bills reported upon by the Standing Committee-Objections by new Members

Performance or overall role of Provincial Governments can not be taken up

Point of Order reagrding absence of concerned Minister

Presence of Members

Presence of Chairpersons Committees

Presence of Ministers

Presence of Senior Officers

Privilage Motion

Procedure regarding treatment of Business

Promulgation of Ordinances

Protection of Constitutional Rights

Public Petition

Resolution of issues

Resignations of the Members

Senate Forum for Policy Research

Use of Abusive Language against the Parliament and Parliamentarians

Summoning of Joint Sitting

Suspension of Rules

Winding up of Debate

Withdrawal of resignation

Withholding informaiton from the Parliament




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