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The Secretary Senate is the functional head of the Secretariat. All communications, orders or reports, authorized by the Chairman are issued under the signature of the Secretary. Similarly, all communication by the members, including notices of Bills, questions, motions or resolutions are addressed to the Secretary and received by him. He is also the ex-officio Secretary of all committees of the House and maintains record of the committee debates and discussions.

S. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Akhtar Nazir Secretary
2 Major (R) Syed Hasnain Haider Additional Secretary
3 Hafeezullah Sheikh Additional Secretary
4 Shaukat Javaid Joint Secretary
5 Asim Khan Goraya Joint Secretary
6 Rabeea Anwar Joint Secretary
7 Hyder Ali Sundrani Joint Secretary
8 Tayyab Bin Tahir Khan Joint Secretary
9 Malik Arshad Iqbal Deputy Secretary
10 Mughees Ahmad Shaikh Deputy Secretary
11 Rafiullah Deputy Secretary
12 Ch. Salamat Ali Deputy Secretary
13 Jamil Ahmed Khoso Deputy Secretary
14 Haris Rehman Deputy Secretary
15 Faiqa Abdulhaye Deputy Secretary
16 Zarghoona Shabbir Deputy Secretary
17 Shehwar Faryal Deputy Secretary
18 Abdul Fattah Ujjan Deputy Secretary
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