Islamabad, the 2nd May, 2013.




          No.F.4(5)/2013-Legis.- In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (3) of Article 54, read with Article 61 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Chairman Senate has been pleased to prorogue the Senate on the conclusion of its business on Thursday, the 2nd May, 2013.         





                                                         (IFTIKHAR ULLAH BABAR)





The Manager,

Printing Corporation

of Pakistan Press,


For   publication   in   the   Gazette   of Pakistan, Extraordinary (Part III)  today. Twenty-five copies of the  Gazette may be supplied to the  Senate  Secretariat, Islamabad.


Copy forwarded to:


 1.      The Secretary General to the President, Aiwan-e-Sadr, Islamabad.

 2.      The Principal Secretary to the care-taker Prime Minister, Prime Minister's Secretariat, Islamabad.

3.       Mr. Moin-ud-Din Siddiqui, Deputy Secretary (Co-ordination/Council), Prime Minister's Secretariat, Islamabad.

 4.      The Attorney General for Pakistan.

 5.      P.S. to the Minister for Law and Justice, Islamabad.

 6.      The Secretary, Ministry of Law and Justice, Islamabad.

 7.      The Secretary, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Islamabad.

 8.      The Secretary, National Assembly Secretariat, Islamabad.

 9.      The Secretary, Election Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad.

10.     Chief Secretaries to the Government of the Punjab/Sindh/Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/ Balochistan, Lahore/Karachi/Peshawar/Quetta.

11.     All Ministries/Divisions.

12.     Mr. Izhar Amrohvi, Adviser to the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, House No.28, Street No.32, F-7/1, Islamabad.

13.     The Principal Information Officer, Press Information Department, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad, with the request that the news be kindly got widely published in all the national and regional newspapers and also telecast and broadcast on T.V./Radio in the national hook-up, immediately.

14.     All Officers/Branches, Senate Secretariat including all Private Secretaries to Chairmen Committees, Senate Standing Committees Building, Islamabad.





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                                                                         Tele: No.9214128.