Mission Statement

The Senate of Pakistan is the House of the Federation that is equally represented by all four Federating Units of the country, including members from the Federal Capital Territory.

With a mandate to protect the rights of the Federating Units; the Senate ensures that devolution of subjects and powers takes place within constitutional parameters; thus strengthening the bond between provinces.

Being an important component of the Parliament, the Senate also undertakes legislation that translates policies for the welfare and betterment of the Federation, the Federating Units and its citizenry. Through its Standing Committees, Motions and other mechanisms, the Senate holds to account and ensures transparency in Executive functions. Public accessibility is granted through public petitions; providing for redressal of grievances.

Keeping in view the concept of unity through diversity; the Senate provides for the blossoming of different cultures within the Federation, so as to synthesize it into one Pakistani culture; thus playing an important role in promoting inter-provincial and federal-provincial harmony.