Senate Internship Program

Since March 2015 under the new leadership, a number of new initiatives have been taken for improving Senate’s outreach. Parliamentary Education Program is on such initiative and the Internship Program is an essential part of it.

Unlike the past practice of involving third parties or development agencies in various initiatives, Senate of Pakistan Internship Program is fully owned, conceived and administered by the Senate. It is a new chapter in the history of Senate of Pakistan.

Basic idea is to engage youth of Pakistan in the Parliament. Give them exposure. We also believe that it will be a two way learning process. The youth will have a lot to learn from here and the Senate will also considerably draw on their talents, energies and fresh ideas.

Interns at the Senate of Pakistan will be presented with a unique opportunity to work at the Upper House of the Parliament, gain hands-on experience of how legislation is done, how Senate Committees function, interact with elected representatives and make vital contributions in the Senate with their knowledge & ideas.

Internship Program has been envisaged with a view to broadening of access to parliament, introducing university students/graduates to key aspects of parliamentary working, building public knowledge of parliament by conducting and disseminating research, and acquiring new ideas and skills that the interns bring with them.

The Program will also serve as a Social Responsibility as well as Parliamentary Education initiative of the Senate of Pakistan.

The Program has two components.

a.      Long term component titled “Clerks of the Parliament Program

b.      “Short term internships