S. No. Question Answer
1 Currently how many members are elected from Capital Territory? Four (4)
2 How can I get in touch with a member of Senate of Pakistan? The Senate of Pakistan's official website: https://www.senate.gov.pk/
3 How long is a term of Senate? It is six years.
4 How many members does each province have in Senate of Pakistan? Twenty Three (23)
5 What are starred and unstarred questions? Starred Question means a question for an oral answer. Unstarred Question means a question for a written answer.
6 What are the different categories of Parliamentary Committees of Senate of Pakistan? Parliamentary Committees of the Senate of Pakistan may be categorized as Standing Committees, Functional Committees, Finance Committee, Other Committees, Library Committee and House Committee.
7 What are the types of Bills? Bills may further be classified broadly into:-

i. Private Members' Bills introduced in the Senate
ii. Bills Passed by the Senate with Amendments
iii. Bills in which Amendments were proposed by the Standing Committees
iv. Bills referred to the Standing Committees
v. Government Bills Introduced in the Senate
vi. Bills Received from the National Assembly
8 What are the types of Motions? i. Adjournment Motions
ii. Privilege Motions
9 What is a Bill? A Bill can be defined as a legislative proposal in a distinct format, which becomes an Act of Parliament if passed by both the Houses and assented to by the President. Bills can be broadly categorized as private member Bills and Government Bills.
10 What is a Calling Attention Notice? Rules 64 and 65 contain provision for a Calling Attention Notice to draw attention of the government towards the matters of urgent public importance.Through this notice a member may call the attention of a Minister to any matter of urgent public importance and the Minister may make a brief statement.The notice shall be given one day before the day on which the notice is to be considered and it shall be entered in the Orders of the Day.
11 What is a Motion? Through motion under rule 218 the policy or situation or statement or any other matter can be discussed. The House discusses such matter immediately after the mover has concluded his speech. Such motions are not put to a vote of the House but are simply debated and talked out and no further questions are put at the conclusion of the debate unless a member moves a substantive motion in appropriate terms with the approval of the Chairman and the vote of the House. In that case the decision would be taken accordingly.
12 What is a Parliamentary Forum? At present, how many such forums are there? The Senate has been actively engaged in bilateral and multilateral Parliamentary relations. At the multilateral level, the Senate is a member of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA).
13 What is a Resolution? The resolutions can be broadly categorized as resolutions not mentioned in the Constitution and the resolutions mentioned in the Constitution. The resolutions not mentioned in the Constitution have been dealt with in rules 132 to 143 and the resolutions mentioned in the Constitution are governed by rules 144 to 148.
14 What is Order of the Day? The Senate business is transacted, as per rule 27, in the order in which it appears on the Orders of the Day, unless the Chairman directs otherwise.
The Secretary prepares Orders of the Day and makes its copy available for use of every member and any other person entitled to speak or participate in the proceedings. He arranges the Government business in such order as the Leader of the House or the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs or any other Minister, authorized by the Leader of the House, intimates a day before the commencement of the sitting. The relative precedence of private members' Bills is determined by ballot at least five days prior to the day with reference to which the ballot is held.
15 What is Parliament? The term 'Parliament' is usually associated with the British system of parliamentary government, a system which has influenced the development of representative assemblies in many parts of the world. In pre-revolutionary France the word 'Parlement' was applied to courts of justice which were not representative bodies at all. The word itself is derived from the Latin 'parliamentum' and the French word 'parler' and originally meant a talk; and talking is, of course, what Parliaments do most of the time. The origins of Parliaments and similar assemblies can be traced back to many centuries. They are the central institutions of many systems of government. Although conceived in ancient times, they seem to be infinitely adaptable and their numbers have proliferated and developed many forms in modern times.
16 What is the President's Address? At the commencement of the first session, after each general election to the National Assembly; and at the commencement of the first session of each parliamentary year, the President address both Houses of Parliament assembled together and inform the Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) of the causes of its summoning.
17 What is the quorum to constitute a meeting of Senate of Pakistan? One-fourth of the total membership of the Senate is present.
18 What is the role of Senate? The role of the Senate is to promote national cohesion and harmony and to alleviate fears of the smaller provinces regarding domination by any one province because of its majority, in the National Assembly.
The Senate, is a body which represents the provinces/territories of the country and promotes a feeling of equality, peace and harmony, which is so essential for the growth and prosperity of a nation. Thus, the Senate in Pakistan, over the years, has emerged as an essential organ and a stabilizing factor of the federation.
19 What is the total limit of questions of a member admitted for a particular day? Each member may ask three starred and five unstarred questions for any one day. A member who desires to ask a starred question for any one day has to distinguish it with an asterisk.
20 When did the Senate of Pakistan meet for the first time? Senate of Pakistan meets for the first time in 1977.
21 When was the Senate of Pakistan first constituted? The 1970 Assembly framed the 1973 Constitution which was passed on 12th April and promulgated on 14th August 1973. The 1973 Constitution provides for a parliamentary form of Government with a bicameral legislature, comprising of the National Assembly and the Senate.
22 Where do I get information regarding the sessions of Senate of Pakistan? The Senate of Pakistan's official website: https://www.senate.gov.pk/
23 Where do I get more information on members of Senate of Pakistan? The Senate of Pakistan's official website: https://www.senate.gov.pk
24 Who maintains the Senate of Pakistan Website and how do I send a feedback? The Senate of Pakistan website is designed and maintained by the I.T Directorate Senate Secretariat The website has a facility for sending feedback regarding the website
25 Who was the first Chairman of Senate of Pakistan? Mr. Habibullah Khan (tenure: from 06-08-1973 to 04-07-1977)
26 Who was the first Deputy Chairman of Senate of Pakistan? Mr. Abdul Malik Baloch (tenure: from 26-04-1977 to 04-07-1977)
27 Who was the first woman nominated member of the Senate of Pakistan? Samia Usman (August 1973 to August 1975)