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Event Title: The 1st Pre-Budget meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Planning, Development and Special Initiatives

Event Date: 2021-06-09

Islamabad (June 9th, 2021): The 1st Pre-Budget meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Planning, Development and Special Initiatives was held under the Chairmanship of Senator Mandviwalla, at the Parliament House, on Monday. In the meeting a detailed briefing was taken on the funds set aside for the Annual Development Program in the upcoming budget from the Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives as well as the agencies affiliated to the Ministry. Besides, a detailed briefing was taken from the agencies affiliated to the ministry on different development and non development projects.
Chairman Committee Senator Mandviwalla said that a very important committee meeting of Senate is being briefed before the budget. Presentation on the upcoming PSDP was presented. Details on National Out Lay 2021-2022 were proposed Federally as well as Provincially and Ministry-wise funds Allocation were proposed and presented. 
In totality 900 Billion Rupees have been allocated federally and 1,202 Billion Rupees provincially for  Development Projects

Punjab has been allocated 500 Billion Rupees.

Sindh has been allocated 321 Billion Rupees.

133 Billion rupees has been allocated for Balochistan

Khyber Pakhunkhwa has been allocated 248 Billion Rupees for various development projects. 
Timely evaluation monitoring and administering of projects, at Provincial and Federal level, mechanism of Transfer of funds and allocation of budget by the  Finance division will take place through this committee Senator Saleem Mandviwalla maintained during the meeting. 
Prioritize projects based on public needs should be formulated and the committee should be appraised on the requisite criteria of proposal and approval of various schemes from the Finance Division, said Senator Kauda Baber during the meeting.
Replying to the questions of the members of the committee, The officials of the Planning, Development and Special Initiatives said that the projects submitted by the federal ministries are approved by the federal cabinet through the ministry.Total funds are set aside for projects. The plans are approved by the National Economic Council.
Dost Muhammad khan proposed development projects for the area of Tang and said that special attention should be given on release of Funds on dams. 
The Chairman said that special committee should be constituted and recomendations should be referred to the respective committees for acceptance. 
The Chairman raised the question on the funds allocated for covid 19 and to ensure that hospitals are making the correct use of the allocation of funds on vaccination process federally as well as in their respective provinces 
The Chairman Committee said that the funds of the Annual Development Plans of the last financial year could not be utilized or less than the funds released. He added that the committee will ensure funds released for the annual development projects are spent on the projects in a timely manner.
Senator Dost Muhammad Khan, Senator Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhary, Sentor Danesh Kumar, Senator Muhammad Tahir Bizinjo, Senator Rubina Khalid, Senator Azam Nazeer Tarar, Senator Nuzhat Saqid, Senator Sardar Muhammad Shafiq Tareen, Senator Kauda Babar and officer of the Ministry for Planning, Development & Special Initiatives took part in the meeting.