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Event Title: A meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Maritime Affairs was held under the chairpersonship of Senator Rubina Khalid

Event Date: 2021-07-28

A meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Maritime Affairs was held under the chairpersonship of Senator Rubina Khalid.

At the outset of the meeting Senator Rubina Khalid and Senator Nuzhat Sadiq took up the matter of cargo ship that ran aground on the beach in Karachi early on Wednesday after it lost its anchors due to rough weather. Senator Rubina Khalid inquired the Secretary Ministry of Maritime, as to what action has been taken by the authorities. Replying to the question Secretary, Ministry of Maritime apprised the committee that a cargo ship coming from Shanghai was on its way to Istanbul, Turkey. The ship did not enter the Karachi Port. It was in Pakistani waters for change of crew members. The rough sea caused the vessel to lose its anchors and it started drifting towards shallow water. The ship was already in shallow water by the time the KPT was informed about the situation. The environmental experts raised fears that oil being transported in the vessel could spill, potentially damaging the environment, he further informed.

The Secretary further informed that the ship was flying a Panama Flag. The secretary Ministry said that the salvaging the vessel is the responsibility of the ship's owners and the Insurance Company.

The secretary informed that the ship came on the Pakistanis shores on 17th July, by the time the ministry was informed of the drifting of ship on its return to Pakistani waters after it lost the second anchor, it was 1st day of Eid and the ports were closed. The Chairman Committee Senator Rubina Khalid inquired the officials of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs whether or not the closing of the Ports on religious festivals is a worldwide practice. The Secretary Maritime affairs failed to give a definite answer on the practice of closing of the ports on religious festivals.

The committee members showed displeasure on the unsatisfactory reply of the Secretary Ministry on the questions inquired by the committee members on the working days of the Ports.

The committee members showed immense resentment on the disorderly conduct of the Secretary Maritime Affairs. The members walked out in protest against the attitude of the Secretary Ministry.

The chairperson Senator Rubina Khalid called off the meeting.

The meeting was attended by Senator Nuzhat Saqid, Fida Muhammad, Muhammad Abdul Qadir, Kauda Babar, Danesh Kumar, Dost Muhammad Khan, and Muhammad Akram. The officials of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, and Law and Justice Division were also in attendance.