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Event Title: A 43-member delegation of the Pakistan Provincial Services Academy (PPSA) called on the Deputy Chairman Senate Mirza Muhammad Afridi

Event Date: 2021-08-30

A 43-member delegation of the Pakistan Provincial Services Academy (PPSA) called on the Deputy Chairman Senate Mirza Muhammad Afridi here at Parliament House on Monday. 

The Deputy Chairman Senate warmly welcomed the delegation of the 86th batch of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Management Services (PMS). He highlighted the importance of youth and their role and responsibilities for the country's progress. Deputy Chairman Senate said that the percentage of educated youth in the country has increased and that our youth is a great asset for Pakistan. Mirza Afridi expressed his pleasure that our youth is motivated to bring advancement in the country in different fields, which is the need of the day.

Deputy Chairman Senate, while addressing the Delegation, underscored the need to utilise the existing natural resources of the country to develop the Agricultural system, which will change the future of Pakistan. “Climate change and water scarcity are challenges that should be addressed”, added Deputy Chairman Senate.

Deputy Chairman Senate also advised the newly inducted officers to participate in PM Imran Khan Billion Tree Tsunami initiative. The Deputy Chairman Senate emphasised working for the betterment of the health and education sector. He said that water conservation is also an important issue that needs to be addressed. 

The Deputy Chairman Senate, Mirza Afridi, in his message to the officers, said that status and power do not matter. Still, it is your attitude, morals and deeds that have significance. He further added that our primary purpose should be working for humanity.  The Deputy Chairman Senate advised the newly inducted officers to adopt humble behaviour while dealing with the public. Deputy Chairman Senate stressed that he bagged more votes because of his good manners and good conduct; he advised the young officers to treat people equally and give a positive message to the society.

The delegation also asked questions and apprised Mirza Afridi of the issues. The Deputy Chairman Senate answered queries of the delegation and also assured the possible solution to the problems.

The Chief Instructor 17 Common PAS Mushtaq Jadoon thanked the Deputy Chairman Senate for his time and a persuasive talk. The delegation presented a commemorative shield to the Deputy Chairman Senate. The members of the delegation were also presented souvenirs by the Deputy Chairman. Later on, the delegation visited the Senate Hall, where they were briefed about the overall legislative role of the upper house.