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Event Title: The Control of Narcotic Substances (Second Amendment) Bill 2020 passed unanimously by Senate Standing Committee on Narcotics Control

Event Date: 2021-08-31

Meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Narcotics Control was held under the Chairmanship of Senator Ejaz Ahmad Chaudhary here at Parliament House today.
Committee considered the bill titled “The Control of Narcotics Substances (Second Amendment) Bill 2020” as passed by National Assembly and referred to the Senate Standing Committee on Narcotics Control by the House in its sitting held on 13th July, 2021 for consideration and report. Committee members were briefed by Secretary Ministry of Narcotics Control regarding the proposed amendment. Bill was passed unanimously after due deliberations.
Chairman Committee congratulated the committee members for reaching consensus. The Chair termed the Bill as very important piece of legislation as it is related to wellbeing of future generations.
Senator Ejaz Ahmad Chaudhary said that in order to keep our educational institutions drug free we have retained the proposal for capital punishment as deterrence.
Chairman Committee remarked that we need to work towards rehabilitation of drug addicts for which he proposed that treatment and rehabilitation cost be brought under the ambit of Health Card so that poor people can benefit from this. Chairman Committee further said that we will try to engage health establishments for dedicated beds in every hospital in order to treat people with drug addiction.
Meeting was attended by Senators, Dost Muhammad Khan, Falak Naz, Rana Maqbool Ahmad, Shahadat Awan, Anwar Lal Dean, Naseebullah Bazai and senior officials from Ministry of Narcotics Control.