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Event Title: Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Inspection Visit of Federal Government Policlinic, Islamabad

Event Date: 2021-10-07

Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination headed by Senator Dr. Muhammad Humayun Mohmand made an inspection of Federal Government Policlinic, Islamabad to check various wards, Labs and medical instruments/equipment on the spot and made recommendations for further improvements of treatment facilities and standards.

Dr. Shahid Haneef, Executive Director Policlinic led the committee to the auditorium for briefing on issues and their possible solutions. Federal Government Policlinic (Postgraduate Medical Institute) Islamabad was initially constituted for the purpose of high quality care services to the federal government employees and their dependents, which services were later expanded to the general public free of cost. The Policlinic hospital offers services of mobile medical cover to national and international dignitaries.

While briefing on the recent up- gradations/projects completed, Senator Shafiq Tareen asked for the details on the renovation cost of the Aabpara dispensary. The officials of the Policlinic informed the committee that the repair and remodeling is done through the PWD. The project cost of the Aabpara Dispensary was Rs/- 11 lakh accommodating 56 beds.

The committee was also informed that Radiology services are also being upgraded with CT scan and Mammogram (MRO for retender) an equipment of worth 200 million. The Chairman Committee questioned on the provision of the essential services, which should not be delayed. Question was also raised on the absence of MRI facility. “It is not fair with the people of Islamabad that there is no MRI facility in both Government hospitals, the Policlinic and PIMS” said Senator Rubina Khalid. “How will the critical patients be moved from one hospital to another” she added. The officials informed the committee members that the MRI facility will be finalized till December. “Let people die till December” said Senator Rubina Khalid. It was observed that a delay in the essential equipment had mala-fide intentions. The Chairman Committee directed to ensure the provision of the MRI facility by December however recommendations to expedite the process in terms of release of funds shall also be made.

Senator Shafiq Tareen asked for the list of no of purchases, by the purchase committee formed, with notifications. The committee was briefed that there are four committees namely the procurement committee, technical committee, grievance  committee and price relaxation committee. All the purchases are handled through the procurement committee.

According to the tender notice of the supply order of surgical disposable and suture item for the year 2020-21  for the Government Polyclinic, dated 23'08-2021 the price of disposable masks were approved at a given rate of Rs/- 14.00 whereas the market rate of the disposable mask this year is Rs/- 4.00. “This is not our money this is the money of the Public.” Said Chairman Committee “Why this disparity in rates have not been noted by the relevant authority”, he added. Dr. Shahid Haneef, the Executive Director, informed the committee that the retail price was based on last year Budget, the committee objected to the fact as to why the rates were based on last financial year. The committee lamented such negligence and way of working of the administration. The committee sought report on the tender notices of the last 3 years and recommended an audit. The committee also recommended constituting a sub-committee to probe into the matter.

Question was also raised on the Medical Store In charge of the Pharmacy it was observed that the Pharmacy was under an 18-Grade officer who had a degree of BDS. The chairman committee emphasized that all the concerned departments should be headed by relevant degree holders especially in the field of medicine as any wrong decision taken, is putting the lives of the people at stake. The Chairman committee directed the hospital administration to look into the matter and resolve such irregularities.

Dr Naila Israr, consultant Surgeon HOD (Gynae/OBs) tabled a report on the weekly statistics of the OBS & GYNAE Department from 27-09-2021 to 03-10-2021) according to the report 65 covid PCR positive patients were delivered in this period. Dr Naila Israr complained about the shifting of the beds of the OBS & GYNAE to the Covid and Dengue ward which has caused great chaos in the ward. “I cannot handle the load of patient while mentaining the quality and quantity of the service provided to the patient”. Dr Naila said.  The chairman Committee questioned as to why 80 percent of the beds have been shifted from one busy ward and 20 % from the rest of the departments to which no definite answer was provided.

While briefing on the staff and salaries The Ministry officials informed the committee that the MO and PG are paid 1 lakh 10 thousand rupees salary.

The Committee members physically examined the hospital and visited the Surgical ICU, the canteen, the medical store etc and inspected the overall condition of the hospital.

The Chairman Committee raised question on the working hrs. of the specialist and the doctors. The committee was told that the working hrs. starts from 08 am- 2 pm. The specialist services in the evening are off due to the Covid-19 however the General OPD remains open in the evening from 2pm - 8pm.

Earlier in the meeting, the Committee was informed that the Policlinic provides Mass Emergency Response and made fastest emergency response on the explosion near the lal Masjid, the Melody Market in 2008.

The committee was informed that the Hospital started functioning in 1966 as Central Govt. Policlinic for 10,000 Population constructed over 3.3 acres in sector G-6 with facilities of only 8 indoors beds. It was re-designed as federal Government Services Hospital (FGSH), Islamabad in April 1986 with 210 beds. The committee was apprised that the bed strength further enhanced to 545 without addition of area. According to the present status the bed strength is up to 565 providing advanced medical care facilities to federal government employees, their families and general population of Islamabad, its suburbs and Rawalpindi, also serves most of upper Punjab, lower NWFP, FATA FANA and AJK.

According to the department wise tabulated description of bed strength, there are total 55 beds for General Medicine out of which 21 for the ICU, 14 for female and 20 for males. Similarly the Gynecology and Obstetrics has 12 beds and officer ward has 28 beds. The emergency ward has increased the emergency beds within limited space and resources from 15 to 54 beds. There are 33 specialized services being provided by the hospital including, Hepatitis, obstetrics nephrology and neonatology etc.

The committee was briefed that in the year 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21, total number of 4,813,880, 3,818,399 and 2,683,677 outpatients were provided services respectively.  

The members of the committee who made the visit included Senator Rubina Khalid, Sardar Muhammad Shagfiq Tareen, Sana Jamali, Jam Mahtab Hussnain Dahar, and Senator Khalida Ateeb