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Event Title: Senate Standing Committee on Power

Event Date: 2021-11-25

The Power Committee met on Thursday to determine the responsible for the repair work of GT -14 (747 MW-Block-V). The Committee observed that the report for the repair and damage of GT-14 (747 MW-Block -V) was not submitted and remained concealed by the Power division. Upon repeated directions by the Chairman Committee, the inquiry report was tabled. The Committee noted that the Inquiry report regarding the damage and repair of GT-14 (747 ME-Block-V) was incomplete in terms of its commercial and legal aspects covered in its ToRs. The Committee observed that the inquiry Committee was lacking the capacity to prepare report, therefore the Committee unanimously decided and recommended that a new inquiry Committee may be constituted on mutual consultation, without conflict of interest, outside GENCO of high-level experts (National or International). The Chairman Committee gave directions to the Secretary, Power Division to share the names of the experts with the Committee. The Committee was also informed that a sum of $32 million has been designated for the repair and the Purchase Order of the same has also been issued by GENCO-II. The Chairman Committee expressed astonishment on the fact that how come a PO has been issued when the responsible for the damage and repair has not yet been determined. The Chairman Committee directed that the funds should not release until the new inquiry Committee presents its new report to the Committee.

The Chairman Committee also raised question on the members of the Board of Directors of the Power Division and lamented that most of the members of the Board are non-engineers and non-technical.

On the matter of the recent test conducted for the post of ALM for PESCO by KMU, Senator Bahramand Khan Tangi said that the test was conducted by the KMU even after the recommendations by the Committee that the test should not be conducted by the KMU and said that their apprehensions proved correct on account of the mismanagement of the KMU. The officials informed the Committee that the KMU was awarded on low rates and test centers where mismanagement took place were re-conducted. Senator Bahramand Khan Tangi said that the mismanagement that took place on 3 centers has left in question the test conducted in the rest of the 13 centers as well. On the status of previous Junior Engineers whose agreement has been expired the committee was informed that they will be re-tested under the rules. 

Matter regarding the IPPs and all IPPs project under CPEC were deferred.

Earlier in the meeting the Committee members expressed resentment on the non-availability of the Federal Minister and Secretary, Power Division.

The meeting was attended by Senators Fida Muhammad, Saifullah Sarwar Khan Nyazaa, Zeeshan Khanzada, Sana Jamali, Haji Hidayatatullah Khan, and Bahramand Khan Tangi. Senior officers from the Ministry and its attached departments were also in attendance.