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Event Title: Senate Sub-Committee on Interprovincial Coordination

Event Date: 2021-11-25

Meeting of Senate Sub-Committee on Interprovincial Coordination was held under the convener ship of Senator Irfan Siddiqui here at Parliament House on Thursday.
Sub-Committee deliberated on the information received from the Federal Sports Organizations as per the prescribed format sent by the Sub-Committee to obtain facts regarding working, functions, funding received and its utilization to all Federal Sports Organizations and to review their Constitution under which these have been established.
Director General Pakistan Sports Board informed the Committee that there are 41 sports federations affiliated with Pakistan Sports Board. All the federations were contacted and information was sought from them as per the prescribed format but only three federations submitted their response.
Convener of the committee questioned as to why these federations are not responding to Ministry and PSB. “If the federations come directly under the regulatory control of PSB and Ministry then action should be taken against those federations which do not respond” said Senator Irfan Siddiqui, Answering to which DG Pakistan Sports Board said that we can cancel their affiliation. he further informed the committee that these federations will be held accountable and answerable once the new proposed sports policy is enforced.
Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmed was of the view that there must be some provision and rules in the current constitution to hold them accountable. Ministry is not asserting itself.
Convener of the Committee directed the officials to present a detailed report in the next meeting clearly showing which of the federations were contacted and how many of them responded and what action was taken against those which did not respond.
These federations take grants from both federal government and provincial government. “We will not allow such wastage of Public Money” Senator Irfan Siddiqui suggested that if these federations do not respond and provide the required information then their grants should be stopped.
Official from Pakistan Hockey  Federation also briefed the committee on current state of affairs of the game in Pakistan. Committee was informed that Pakistan last qualified for any mega event back in 2012. There is no full time coach available for Pakistan Hockey Team. Coaches are hired on part time basis who only attend the training camp right before the any tournament. Pakistan Hockey Team’s current ranking is 17th and despite playing qualifying rounds from last 10 years Team is not able to qualify for any Mega event. Official cited the lack of funds as the reason behind Pakistan slipping further down in the ranking.
Convener of the committee Senator Irfan Sidiqqui lamented the role played by Hockey Federation and Government in this regard. He further Commented that “Hockey is our National Sport, it used to be our pride. Such is the decline of sports in the country that we cannot even quality for big events let alone winning any. Past excuses will not be tolerated any further.” Committee meeting was attended by Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmed, Officials from Ministry of IPC, Pakistan Sports Board and Pakistan Hockey Federation.