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Event Title: Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq, Mr. Hamid Abbas Lafta, Calling on Chairman Senate, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani at Parliament House Islamabad

Event Date: 2023-10-16

H.E. Hamid Abbas Lafta, the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Pakistan called on Chairman Senate of Pakistan, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani today at the Parliament House.

The discussions encompassed the current state of affairs in Palestine, bilateral relations, and matters of mutual interest.

Chairman Senate highlighted that the foundation of Pakistan-Iraq relations rests on common religious values, brotherhood, Islamic culture, and mutual respect, emphasizing the significance Pakistan places on its enduring fraternal bonds with Iraq. Underlining the potential for increased cooperation through parliamentary and economic ties, he stressed the importance of fortifying parliamentary relations to enhance bilateral relations.

Emphasizing the role of parliamentarians in fostering closer ties, Chairman Senate delved into the potential for advancing bilateral trade. Addressing the current low volume of mutual trade, he proposed strengthening economic connections through increased collaboration between the Chambers of Commerce in both countries. Additionally, he suggested avenues for Iraq to import various products from Pakistan.

Chairman Senate advocated for bolstering direct air links between Pakistan and Iraq, identifying the need to amplify unity among Muslim nations to combat Islamophobia effectively.

The meeting also delved into the critical situation in Palestine, with Chairman Senate urging international powers to pressure Israel to halt the genocide of Palestinians, lift the Gaza siege promptly, and facilitate the unhindered supply of food and medicine. Stressing the need for Muslim countries to unite against Islamophobia, he underscored the importance of a collective strategy.

Chairman Senate and Ambassador Lafta concurred that the relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions should be the guiding principle for the resolution of the Palestine issue. Urging an immediate cessation of barbaric bombardments in Gaza for the sake of regional peace and stability was a shared sentiment.

Ambassador Hamid Abbas Lafta expressed Iraq's commitment to strengthening friendly relations with Pakistan, emphasizing the necessity of expanding economic and trade ties. He commended the contributions of Pakistani expatriates in Iraq, pledging to provide them with every possible facility. Ambassador Lafta also lauded Pakistan's efforts in promoting unity within the Islamic world and extended an invitation to Chairman Senate to visit Iraq with a parliamentary delegation.

The meeting also attended by Secretary Senate, Mohammad Qasim Samad Khan, concluded on a note of shared commitment to deepening bilateral ties and addressing regional challenges collaboratively.