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Event Title: Senator Qurat Ul Ain Marri, Chairperson Senate Standing Committee on Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Presiding over a Meeting of the Committee at Parliament House Islamabad

Event Date: 2024-06-20

A meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives, chaired by Senator Qurat ul Ain Marri, was held at the Parliament House on Thursday.

The Senate Committee discussed various schemes proposed by senators for their respective constituencies. Subsequently, the Standing Committee recommended forwarding all the recommendations submitted by Senate members to the Planning Division and Ministry of Finance under the PSDP programme.

Additionally, several schemes proposed by other senators were discussed by the Committee and recommended to the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Revenue.

After recess, the committee was briefed by the Climate Change division about the 'Green Pakistan Program'. Officials informed that approximately 2.12 billion trees have been planted across the country, with the ministry aiming to reach a target of 3.29 billion in the coming years. Senator Qurat ul Ain Marri expressed skepticism, stating that it's difficult to believe 2 billion trees have been planted given the country's severe climate crisis. She recommended that the ministry provide district-wise details of trees planted nationwide.

Furthermore, the committee discussed the 'Nutrition Programme' outlined in the PSDP 2024-25. Officials explained that the project aims to launch a 'Behavioral Change Campaign' in 36 districts identified through a survey with high rates of stunting and other nutrition-related diseases. The project also intends to revise the curriculum in collaboration with provinces for this purpose. Senator Qurat ul Ain Marri appreciated the initiative, calling it timely, and suggested that the ministry provide quarterly reports on the project's progress.

Senator Qurat ul Ain Marri raised concerns about the inclusion of 'Holding National Games' in the PSDP 2024-25. She remarked that this is the only non-developmental project listed in the PSDP. Planning Division officials clarified that the project was included in last year's PSDP but was not implemented due to insufficient funds."

In addition to that, the Senate Committee finalized recommendations for onward submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Revenue.

In attendance were Senator Shahadat Awan, Senator Poonjo Bheel,Senator Dr. Afnan Ullah Khan,Additional Secretray Planning Division Kamran Rehman Khan and other senior officials of relevant departments.