Muhammad Mian Soomro

(Chairman, Senate of Pakistan)
Name: Muhammad Mian Soomro Picture of Senator Muhammad Mian Soomro   
Tenure: March 2003 to March 2009
Province: Sindh
Party: Pakistan Muslim League (PML)
Seat Description: General
Designation: Chairman

Office Number: 92-51- 9223475-76
Mobile Number: 92-51- 9223477
Local Address: Senate of Pakistan, Parliament House, Islamabad.
Qualification: M.Sc. in Operations Management from Northrop University, USA.
Mr. Mohammedmian Soomro comes from a renowned political family of Sindh, that has been active in public life since 1923. His father, Late Ahmed Mian Soomro, was a seasoned parliamentarian, who was Deputy Speaker of the West Pakistan Assembly and a member of the Senate of Pakistan and helped establish the Senate Committee systems there.

Born on 19 August 1950, Mr. Mohammedmian Soomro earned a B.Sc. degree with distinction from Forman Christian College, Lahore. He obtained a M.Sc. in Physics from The Punjab University, followed by a M.Sc. in Operations Management from Northrop University, USA.

An internationally recognized professional banker, Mr. Mohammedmian Soomro held various top positions both at home and abroad in national and international organizations such as Bank of America. He has also been General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of International Bank of Yemen, Faysal Islamic Bank of Bahrain, Muslim Commercial Bank, Agriculture Development Bank of Pakistan, Federal Bank of Cooperatives and National Bank of Pakistan. He won wide recognition for his pre-eminent achievements during his time with these organizations. He was also instrumental in the establishment of Micro Credit Banking in Pakistan.

Being the head of the well-known Soomro tribe, he is known for his strong interpersonal and leadership skills. He is well acquainted with national and socio-political issues and has vast exposure in pol,itical life since his college days.

Mr. Soomro's Public Service role started with his appointment as a Governor of Sindh on 25th May 2000. During the tenure, he took a number of steps to bring about financial and administrative discipline, as well as to accelerate the pace of economic development in the province and bring about meaningful change in the quality of life of the general populace. During his governorship the people of Sindh witnessed stability and ethnic hormony. Merit, transparency and good governance were the hallmarks of his administration. This was acknowledged by the International donors, when under his leadership, the province of Sindh became the first province is South Asia to be funded directly by the World Bank for restructuring programme.

Mr. Soomro resigned from the office of Sindh Governor on 26th December 2002 to contest in the Senate elections. He was elected as a Senator on 24th February 2003 and was subsequently elected as Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan on 12th March 2003.

Board Directorships (1997-2000)

- Shell Pakistan Ltd
- Pakistan International Airlines Corporation
- Pakistan Refinery Ltd. (Shell Petroleum Joint Venture).
- Pak Arab Refinery
- Pak Arab Fertilizer
- Bank Al-Jazira (Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).
- National Investment Trust: Open-ended Mutual Fund in Pakistan with directorships on nearly 90% listed firms. 640 Companies out of 730 Companies on the Stock Exchange (With the directorships on 80% of the companies on the Karachi Stock Exchange).
- Investment Co-operation of Pakistan: Series of Mutual Funds.
- National Discounting Services Ltd.
- National Exchange Company Abu Dhabi
- National Bank Modaraba Management co. Ltd.
- First Women Bank Ltd.
- Consolidated Leasing Company.
- National Construction Company.
- Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation.

Other Merits

- Chairman, Pakistan Banks Associations- 1997 to 2000 (Body of All Banks)
- Member of Governing Council Institute of Bankers in Pakistan (IBP)-1997-2000
- Family has been active in public life since 1930's and held several Ministerial, Speakership and other key positions at various times.