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Event Title: Standing Committee on Climate Change

Event Date: 2021-01-22

The Standing Committee on Climate Change in its meeting on Friday took up issues pertaining to Faisal Mosque’s maintenance and cleanliness.  The Committee also was briefed about the management and protection of the Margallah Hills National Park.   


Chaired by Senator Sitara Ayaz, the meeting was attended by Senator Sana Jamali, Senator Sana Jamali, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Senator Faisal Javed, Senator Muhammad Akram and senior officers from the Ministry for Climate Change along with all concerned.


The Committee showed grave displeasure at the status of cleanliness’ of the Mosque despite 24/7 presence of janitorial staff.  It was asserted that the management must devise a proper mechanism for this and that Imam may emphasize the importance of cleanliness in his khutbas.  The Committee stressed the need for stringent supervision so that matters may come under control.  It was asserted that the blame game must end and that accepting responsibility is the only way forward. Chairperson Committee strictly directed that the Dawa Academy, custodian of Faisal Mosque, Mosque Management and the CDA must get together and ensure that all issues pertaining to cleanliness and management must be addressed at the earliest.  She stressed the need for ownership and asserted that this issue has been tabled numerous times and must not be brought to the Committee again. 


Discussing the management and protection of the Margallah Hills National Park and the challenges that it faces it was observed that more than a 100 clean up drives were organized in different trails of the Margalla Hills National Park from March 2016 to February 2020.  Many tonnes of litter and garbage have been removed.  Margallah Hills National Park has now been declared Plastic free.  The Committee was informed that District Administration Islamabad issued Section 144 to control environmental destructive activities.  The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board informed the Committee that efforts are being made to modify rules so that violators are fined.  Warnings have been sent local councillors and restaurants within the park.   Speaking of challenges the Committee was briefed of the issue of ownership of the Park.  The Punjab Government leased the land to CDA for management purposes.  Boundary demarcation was another persistent issue.  It was asserted that the biggest problem is that CDA works in silos and hence issues persist.  The Committee was informed that major plans are underway that include an education and awareness centre.  The Committee, while lauding the efforts of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, directed that implementation of plans must be ensured at the earliest.