Parliamentary Affairs
Senate of Pakistan

S. No. Report No. Title Date Download
1 5/2021-24 Appointments Made in Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Since July, 2020, with province wise Break-Up along and terms and conditions of Contract and Salary, Perks and Privileges Granted to Employees of ECP 26th September, 2023
2 Nil The One Stop Service Bill, 2023. 4th August, 2023
3 2/2021-24 The Members of Parliament Privileges Bill, 2022 15th December, 2022
4 1/2021-24 The Delimitation by the Election Commission of Pakistan in Balochistan Province 9th June, 2022
5 09-2020 Non-Deferment of loan under the Prime Minister Youth Loan Programme 26th August, 2020
6 4/2019 Working group of the Election Commission of Pakistan 31st May, 2019
7 Report 2 (2018) PARLIAMENTARY AFFAIRS ON THE ELECTIONS (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2018. 31st August, 2018

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